Monday, June 23, 2008

Fit for a Princess Birthday Party Favors

These are princess purses that I filled with goodies and gave out as party favors at my daughter's first birthay party. I put a bracelet, hair clips, fruit snacks, a magic towel, flash cards and a book in each little purse. I attached a tag with the name of each little girl on the purses as the girls ages ranged from 2 to 7 years old. Therefore, the flash cards and books were age appropriate.
Some of their mothers thought the little purses were so adorable that they wished they were little girls again so that they could receive one. I guess I should have put something together for the mothers as well. I will definitely remember to for next time.
The purses were available in hot pink as well, but I chose the lighter pink as I thought they would be more subtle.
I was not able to order personalized books on time for the party, but if I had the time, I would have. One of my friends did this and the kids loved it!


RBadger said...

I love your cute little purses! I am throwing a spa party for my daughter and those purses will be so cute. Where did you get them? Thanks!

Foodaholic said...

I got them from a party supply store near my sister's place. It's locally owned. Maybe they will have some at your local party supply shop. If not, I would be happy to check and see if they still carry them at the shop I went to. said...

Hi, I love those bags too. Wondering how I could get them for my daughter's birthday party. Any ideas?

Foodaholic said...

I'll have to keep looking, because the store I got them from no longer carries them.